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Sunday, May 30, 2010

SS501 videos @ KBS fan signing event

credited from : Marvie

Kim Hyun Joong focus pictures

Kim Hyun Joong focus pictures on their Autograph signing event last May 30, 2010 at KBS Gymnasium..

Fantastic Record "Destination" album released..<3

^^kekeke Handsome Joong in his ponytail hair.. ^^,

credited from: SS501TripleS

SS501 Autograph Event

The pictures were taken last May 30,2010 at KBS 88 Gymnasium inSeoul for Gangseo SS501's..

Destination ---> Album released celebration signing for fans..

credited from: SS501TripleS

Leader Kim Hyun Joong...

Leader holding the hand of his fan.. hayyy i wish those were my hands:)) 

Cute Hae Young Saeng..  

Jung Min, greeting his fans with a loud voice..

Kim Kyu Jong.. 

Kim Hyung Jun, he looks fond while looking at his fan..

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Hyung Joong Focus

Latest picture of our leader Kim Hyun Joong! 

He looks great there!^^, 

Credited from: SS501triPleS

Thnk you!^^,

Friday, May 28, 2010

Kim Hyun Joong in mask

Look Who's wearing mask?! It's our leader Kim hyun Joong...

Picture's were taken last friday May 28 ... It's for HOTSUN Chicken new CF Shooting..

Last year, Kim Hyun Joong starring in the drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’ who select as a model for Hotsun Chicken in public definitely keep positions it the powerhouse of grilled chicken.

Kim Hyung Joon with his ipad

Picture of Kim hyun Joong in his car with his ipad.. It seems that he can't live without it... ^___^ keke!

SS501 new mini Album "Love yah"

Watch this!

the long version of "Love yah" teaser..

Great moves! LOVE THEM!

Orthopedic Appointment of Kim Hyun Joong

Our leader went to the hosp. last May 27, to meet his Orthopedic Appointment. He's better right now and can walk well.

credit from: doubleS501tripleS

thnk you!:)

Mini Album Signing Event

SS501 latest videos!

It's their Mini Album Signing event.. but I don't know if where it is located..

thank you so much for sharing this video^____^ sometimes Joong is looking in this camera.. nice^^,

Kim Hyun Joong face looks chubby^^, cute2...
Youngsae is also cute^__^.. some of the members are not focused well in the video..^^,

credited from: HSScandal